Or Use as a Bath ;-)



  • Ensure your toilet is clean

  • Gather two (preferably) cotton blankets you are comfortable using in your bathroom

  • Make sure you have a stainless steel, glass or ceramic bowl that will only be used for steaming

  • Clean your bowl with a mild soap. Your bowl should be about the size of a medium mixing bowl 

  • Wear a long skirt while steaming 



  • Fill a large pot with roughly 48 oz - 58 oz of purified / distilled / filtered water (enough water to fill the mixing bowl) 

  • Add 4 oz of the herbal blend to the pt of water and boil 15 min 

  • Allow the mixture to cool for 5 min then transfer to your heat resistant bowl

  • Place bowl inside toilet (DO NOT POUR CONTENTS IN TOILET) so that when you lower the toilet seat you can see the steam rising

  • Hover your elbow or back of your hand over the steam to ensure it's not too hot, as vaginal skin is sensitive and you do not want to burn it 

  • Once temperature is ideal, sit on the toilet (or steam seat) with lets wide apart. Make sure your skirt covers your knees to prevent steam from escaping. Place the first blanket around your waist and allow it to fall to the floor. Place the second blanket around your shoulders and allow it to fall as low as possible 

  • Mentally set your intentions then sit on the toilet or yoni steam seat for 20 - 30 min & allow the steam to work 

  • Dry yourself off, wiping away the moisture - you can now flush the contents of the bowl

  • Drink plenty of water or have a cup of hot tea, but make sure you rest for at least an hour after - it's fine to nap 



  • Ensure your tub is clean 

  • Place 4 oz of herbs in a mesh sachet, which should be placed in pot of roughly 3 cups of boiled water. 

  • Allow the sachet to steep for about 15 minutes

  • Run a bath with tolerably hot water. Water should be roughly waist high while you are sitting 

  • Pour mixture from the pot into your bath, ensuring the water is not too hot 

  • Soak in the tub for 15 - 20 min & allow the herbs to work their magic 


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